What Is Angular Cheilitis

What is Angular Cheilitis?

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Angular cheilitis, also known as perleche and angular stomaitis is a painful infection that develops at the corners of the mouth. There are various causes of angular cheilosis such as vitamin deficiencies colder weather and loose fitting dentures to name a few.

The infection appears as cracks somewhat in appearance to “paper cuts” at the mouths corners. The infection itself is a yeast fungus in the same family as candida, that causes vaginal itching and diaper rash in babies.

The most common angular cheilitis causes is thought to be a result of a vitamin B deficiency, however a lack of iron is also thought to be a contributing factor as well. Angular cheilitis can be very painful with bleeding occuring when you open and close your mouth, Unlike a common misconception, angular cheilitis will not simply go away but in many cases the infection will grow worse if left untreated,


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