Cheilosis is more commonly known as angular cheilitis which is a very painful condition that effects millions of people worldwide each year.  The most common symptoms are cracking at the mouth corners that may be red and sore. usually those with this condition find it difficult to eat or drink especially with acidic type foods that can aggravate the infection.

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While the exact cause of cheilosis is still under debate some of the more common reasons behind getting it are ill fitting dentures, that cause your mouth to over close which creates flaps of skin at the mouth corners where the bacteria responsible collects.

Angular Cheilosis Picture    Cracks At Mouth Corners

The saliva that collects in this area is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to form, and if left unchecked develops into an infection that is responsible for the typical sores and lesions at the mouth corners.

If the cause is due to poorly fitting dentures than it is recommended that new ones be purchased to correct the problem. Finding an effective angular cheilitis treatment While your angular cheilitis won’t be cured by replacing your dentures, it will stop you from getting it again in the future. Other common causes of cheilosis can be a vitamin deficiency especially in the vitamin B and iron family. It is most common in winter months when the bodies immune system is at it’s weakest point children and the elderly are most likely to get angular cheilitis. Though anyone at any age can get this infection at anytime,

Other names for angular cheilitis are perleche, angular stomatitis and cheilosis as has been discussed. If you are currently suffering with angular cheilitis, our all natural remedy featured on the main page will quickly cure this condition and provide the relief you seek in just hours.  Click here for the cheilitis treatment and start your recovery in just minutes. It works by isolating the bacteria responsible for your cheilosis and allowing the bodies own natural immune system to take over.

One healing begins you can expect to see visible results in most cases just a few hours with complete healing of your angular cheilitis overnight. The main advantages of our natural treatment is that it does not use any drugs or require any drastic changes to your diet or lifestyle. It is a proven and effective treatment for cheilosis that has cured patients from around the world since 2008. If you have been to your doctor and been prescribed the typical medications than you know how ineffective they are in treating cheilosis.

Often people come away more frustrated than they were before undertaking the treatments wasting time and money and at times seeing their angular cheilitis become even worse than it was before. Our natural treatment not only ends the pain and frustration caused by angular cheilitis but it is also simple to use and guaranteed to work. It has cured thousands of people just like you from their symptoms and if you have tried other remedies without success than you must get your hands on a copy of this simply amazing system.

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