Angular Cheilitis Causes

There is still no precise explanation as to what can be the principal cause of angular cheilitis

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However, many medical professionals and experts in the field of scientific studies related to medicine associate four of the most probable reasons why angular cheilitis develops in a person. One of the most commonly perceived causes of chelitis is the gathering of bacteria in the moist corners of the mouth

There are several causes of Angular cheilitis and each one should be explored to help you narrow down the root cause of your infection.

  • A candida (yeast) Infection
  • Poorly Fitting Dentures
  • Chapped or Cracked Lips
  • Excessive Weight which forms flaps of skin at the mouth corners

Of the above possible causes of your angular cheilitis, weight loss and poor fitting dentures are the easiest to rectify. The reason that excessive weight can be a contributing factor is that saliva collects in the folds of skin at your mouth corners. This is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

In the case of poor fitting dentures the same situation occurs. dentures that don’t close properly also cause the mouth to not close properly and create that “flap” or excessive skin area. Ill fitting dentures should be replaced or altered to correctly fit.

While eliminating possible causes of a future outbreak of angular cheilitis is desirable, if you currently are experiencing an infection you need to treat the existing condition first. Treatment options usually first entail a visit to the doctors office who after confirming that you do indeed have angular cheilitis likely will prescribe a topical cream or steroid.

As with all prescription medication be sure to follow the directions precisely. In the event that these treatments do work your angular cheilitis should clear up in a few days. Unfortunately prescription medicines to treat cheilitis are notorious for being ineffective. On the main page of our website we offer an all natural angular cheilitis treatment that has been proven to clear up this infection quickly.,

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Prolonged sun or wind exposure is also considered as a possible cause and being exposed to these two factors for quite a long time would lead to drying of the lips and later on causing them to become irritated.

Another possible cause of angular cheilitis is linked to nutritional deficiency. Inadequate consumption of valuable nutrients such as Iron and Vitamin B12 are also pointed out as possible reasons why this condition occurs.

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This condition is also known as stomatitis, perleche and in some cases angular cheilosis. It is a bacterial infection that typically manifests at the corners of the mouth.

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