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A Proven Angular Cheilitis Home Remedy

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angular cheilitis treatment

Angular cheilitis is a bacterial infection that is sometimes referred to as stomatitis, perleche and on some occasions angular cheilosis. Typically this infection resembles paper type cuts that appear on the corners of the mouth. Occasionally it can also look like chapped lips or a lesion that doesn’t seem to heal.

There are many causes of angular cheilitis and in future articles we’ll discuss a few of the more common reasons people may get this infection. Generally it is a fungus that is caused by bacteria that forms at the mouths corners. People who are overweight or wear loose fitting dentures are more prone to acquiring it as the flaps at the mouth corners are a perfect place for saliva to gather.

The resulting bacteria thrives in this environment and is the main cause of most angular cheilitis infections. While angular cheilitis is frustrating and can be at times painful, the good news is that it isn’t life threatening. Many people who suffer from cheilitis report that prescription medication commonly prescribed by doctors to treat the condition is ineffective.

Often doing little to cure the problem they leave people with a sense of hopelessness as their angular cheilitis grows worse. Fortunately there is an all natural cheilitis treatment available that quickly eliminates the bacteria responsible for the infection and cures the condition overnight.

It is called the angular cheilitis home remedy and has been proven very effective in the majority of cases. Unlike prescription medications that just mask the symptoms the home treatment works by going directly for the source of the problem. It isolates the bacteria responsible for the infection, basically putting it in a “dry prison” where it can no longer thrive allowing the bodies own natural immune system to take over.

Once applied most people see visible results in just a few hours with most patients (depending on severity) being cured completely overnight.

The angular cheilitis home remedy:

  • Cures the cuts and cracks associated with angular cheilitis
  • Is simple to apply (takes just a few minutes)
  • Is all natural with no dangerous side effects
  • Is very effective and results can be seen in just a few hours
  • Works by treating the cause not just the symptoms
  • Has been proven to cure angular cheilitis in the majority of patients

While angular cheilitis is not life threatening it is often very painful and can be a great source of embarrassment for many people. The most frustrating thing about this condition is that most medicines prescribed by your doctor simply do not work.

In fact not only are they ineffective but in some cases, (like with steroids) can even cause serious side effects. There is absolutely no reason why people who suffer with angular cheilitis need to put themselves through all of that, the home remedy is effective and will cure the condition without any of these problems.

If you have tried other remedies and are serious about eliminating “angular cheilitis” once and for all we highly recommend you give this treatment a try. It is available by visting the main page of our website.

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