Angular Cheilitis Symptoms

Angular cheilitis is generally known as mouth corner cracks and like the name implies generally occurs in the corner from the mouth. Whilst its not life threatening it is painful and can be damaging for your self esteem as it is visible to everyone.

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The symptoms are deep cracks or splits at the corner of the mouth which bleed when the mouth is opened. In extreme instances ulcers or perhaps a crust may form and Candida fungus could cause an infection.

A few of the ways you can tell if you have angular cheilitis is if you have cracks in the corners your mouth along with redness, swelling and tenderness in the area. Sores or ulcers which bleed as well as release pus can create without some preventative measures.

Other symptoms include pain while consuming, talking or smiling and can re-open the sore making them receptive to infections from the Candida yeast. The continuous cracking and healing of the cracks within the corner of your mouth might start to itch adding another issue towards the others you are already attempting to deal with.

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